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Our Customers Say...

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: As I was moving overseas with work, I contracted NY INTL shipping to arrange for my international move from New York to Brazil. They were extremely helpful throughout the process and extremely friendly and supportive. [They’re] no fuss kind of people, just working with me to make the move as smooth as possible. They were convenient for me since they were located in Manhattan and I could just drop in and get the boxes, tape, and etc, whenever I needed. I was especially difficult since things kept changing all the time with my move like the time of move, destination, [the length of] time my stuff needed to stay in storage. I ended up moving some of it to one address and the rest stayed in storage and was later moved to another address. Even though, I did not have the right serial number of what I needed to move where, all it took was a call to David explaining which pieces I needed to move and it was done correctly, conveniently, and I did not need to bother to dig up all the paperwork. On moving day, the movers were very courteous, efficient, professional, and the packing was done quickly with no hassle. What I can say? I would work with them again any day and would highly recommend them to anyone. This was not my first moving experience, but I can say it has been the smoothest to date.


Nadia Bishai - Logistics Manager, Bunge Ltd.
New York International Shipping BBB Business Review

Green Overseas Moving Company

While the terms eco-friendly and overseas moving may seem like an unlikely combination, you’ll be happy to know that we offer green international shipping services to our customers. These innovative shipping services not only reduce your stress and anxiety, but reduce the carbon footprint of your move as well. With our green mindset we have found a number of ways to reduce our waste production, extending form our in-office habits all the way down to the way in which we pack your shipments. This is what responsible overseas moving looks like!


Going Green Overseas

You’re probably curious as to how an international shipping company can possibly “go green”. We realized years ago that it was time to start developing eco-friendly habits as a company, so we put our heads together and rose to the challenge. Since then we have accomplished a lot in regards to the reduction of waste for our company—from the way we file and transfer information to the materials used to protect our customers’ valuables. As a green overseas moving company, our goal is to continually look for ways in which we can further improve our green moving practices while remaining competitively priced. We are pleased to say we’ve been quite successful so far.


Some of our eco-friendly practices include:


  • Electronic billing
  • Electronic faxes for sending/receiving
  • Budgeted over $45,000 for upgrading and implementing new software that will help us reduce paper by up to 60%
  • In-house estimates are completed using PDA’s
  • Documents are received via email and submitted electronically to customers
  • Overseas documents and documentation is sent to agents via email
  • Quotes sent to agents are received and sent via email.
  • Built a customized program to process our quotes and rates so everything is managed through our company electronically
  • Placed and utilize recycling bins throughout all of our office
  • Created a new electronic filing system to eradicate the use of paper files
  • The majority of the packing supplies we use, such as the packing boxes, are composed of recycled materials
  • Supplied recycle bins in our storage facility for used moving materials
  • All inventory is handled and submitted through PDA’s electronically to our database


Our dedication to remaining eco-friendly is continually evolving, just as our international shipping practices do, to meet the needs of our customers. We are excited about the changes we’ve made and look forward to future improvements. If you have any questions regarding our green overseas moving services please contact us.


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