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Good evening, I would like to express my thanks to NY International and most of all Mr Wayne Townsend my consultant. You should ask for him if he is available as he really knows his job far better than anyone else I spoke to in my research on whom to use for our relocation, And it was not easy, I was moving with my wife, 2 small children and a teenage daughter, so you can imagine our stress to begin with. And after talking to many companies we could not understand what really to expect or who to use or trust, But then luckily I found NY International online. Wayne really made this part of our stressful move very easy for us, He really knows his job. He explained to me what to expect and we had no issues or surprises from start to finish. He even stopped by our Townhouse in person to talk to us and give us tips and advise and his estimate was perfect. As soon as we met him we all felt a huge weight lift of our shoulders. He is very informative and very knowledgeable and it especially felt good speaking to someone who really knew where Oxford was and he answered every question we asked him without any hesitation. We all knew as soon as he left the house that we would use this company. We really did make the right decision. On the day of pick up the crew turned up on time and were so professional and careful. I could not believe my eyes, these guys wrapped up everything even the furniture better than I can wrap presents, its a joy to watch, just that was worth the money. They left our apt empty and clean and I did feel at ease with my choice. BUT i still had to wait and stress waiting to see how it arrived !!!! Today I received a call from my wife who is in Oxford UK, to tell me that the delivery crew had just delivered our goods and set everything up for her and everything is in the same shape as it was when it left NY. Perfect !!!! She and the kids are very happy which makes me so happy. I cant explain the feeling I have, I was so concerned that this would be a nightmare as I have been burnt a couple of times moving locally in NYC. But this was so easy. I would recommend NY International to everyone, and I have already talked to a couple of work colleagues today about them and not to stress for months like I did and just call them Once again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.


Simon Bray and family - NYC to UK.
New York International Shipping BBB Business Review

International Moving Checklist

You’re on the right track, now let’s stay there!

NY International Shipping continually strives to provide each of our customers with peace of mind throughout the stressful process of undergoing an international move. Many customers feel anxiety because they are unsure of what to do and when to do it. Don’t worry! NY International Shipping has created a fabulous, detailed schedule of what you can expect throughout the process of your international move and when you can expect it. We hope that this international moving timeline for you and your family will give you the direction you need to comfortably get on track and stay there!

It’s Never Too Early! (8 Weeks ‘til Moving Day)

  • Research and find the right international moving company so that you and your family can begin scheduling your international moving services
  • Start purging unnecessary household items that you will not be shipping overseas (though it may seem daunting, it’s finally time to dig out all those dusty boxes you’ve shoved into the attic or basement)
  • Do some research on the culture and customs of your new city overseas. Get the whole family involved!
  • Make travel arrangements for your international move by purchasing your plane tickets and arranging any hotel stays. NY International Shipping suggests you do not move on your moving day or the day before or after, just in case an unforeseen event delays your move.
  • Collect all important documents such as birth certificates, passports, etc. That way you still have time to get new copies if you find you are missing anything! You may need to expedite the processing of your passport if you need to renew your copy or replace a lost copy, which can be done for an additional fee.

Getting Organized (6 Weeks ‘til Moving Day)

  • Categorize household goods into “throw away”, “donate/sell” or “ship” categories. Then you can make a trip to a local charity to drop off any items you wish to donate or hold a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items.
  • List and contact everyone you need to inform of your international move (i.e. family, friends, co-workers, etc.)
  • Collect all vehicle and license documents, necessary for shipping your vehicle overseas and obtaining a new license in your new overseas residence.
  • Collect all school, medical and financial records to bring with you overseas on your international move.
  • Schedule storage for any goods you plan to store. NY International Shipping owns and operates a highly secure, climate controlled storage facility. Please speak with your relocation specialist to arrange storage with us!
  • Research new schools for your children in your new overseas location. Schedule an interview and tour of any prospective schools either prior to or after your international move.

So Many Phone Calls, So Little Time! (4 Weeks ‘til Moving Day)

  • Send a Change of Address form to the post office so that your mail will be forwarded after your international move.
  • Schedule overseas pet relocation services for your little furry family members and make sure they receive the proper vetting prior to transporting. Ask your relocation specialist here at NY International Shipping about the specific vetting, quarantine and documentation requirements set by your destination country. We wouldn’t want anyone to be left behind!
  • Schedule disconnects or cancelation of services for all of your utilities (phone, electric, cable, water, gas, etc.) and insurance providers (homeowners, medical, etc.) to coordinate with your international moving day! You’ll have all new providers at your new overseas address.

Prep and Clean (3 Weeks ‘til Moving Day)

  • Begin cleaning your home so that everything is ready for shipment and you are not overwhelmed as time draws closer. Make an “International Moving Prep Chart” for the entire family, listing off necessary chores to help you all get involved!
  • Pack away anything you will not need between now and your moving day. Things like pictures, books, out of season clothing (assuming it won’t be in season at your new overseas residence as well) or cookware you won’t need can all be labeled and packed away.

Coordinate and Confirm (2 Weeks ‘til Moving Day)

  • Coordinate any additional services your international move may require with your relocation specialist. If you plan to transport any oversized freight or vehicles make sure you coordinate the necessary services you wish to utilize for transport, drop-off and pick-up.
  • Review and confirm your international moving services with your relocation specialist. Make any necessary changes or add additional services as needed.

Almost Time! (1 Week ‘til Moving Day)

  • Close any bank accounts and transfer funds to your new overseas bank.
  • Empty any safety deposit boxes you may have, and coordinate the transfer of those items to your new bank overseas.
  • Pay any outstanding bills such as utilities bills.
  • Finish any veterinary care for your pet and obtain any necessary documentation for your pet.
  • Put aside anything you intend to take along with you rather than ship, such as your children’s comfort objects, clothing for travel, toiletries for travel, etc.
  • Exchange some money for the currency of your new overseas country. Your money will automatically be converted when you deposit it into your new overseas bank account and if you withdraw it from an ATM, however, depending on where you are relocating overseas to you may not want to worry as soon as you touch down about finding an ATM. Many airports also offer booths where you can exchange your money for the local currency. It is probably best not to assume or wait until the last moment. It is always best to have some local currency on you to avoid undue stress and confusion.
  • Say your final good-byes to any family or friends. While you may want to say good-bye at the very last minute, it is probably best not to try and do so amidst the hustle and bustle of your international moving day.

Last Minute To-Do’s! (1-3 Days ‘til Moving Day)

  • Pack your carry-on’s. Make sure you include any clothing, toiletries, children’s comfort objects or meds you will need throughout your trip and immediately once you get to your new overseas home.
  • Make sure your vehicle, boat, jet ski, etc. has less than ¼ of a tank of gas and does not carry any excess cargo, a requirement for transporting them.
  • Confirm your international moving day schedule with your relocation specialist. Go over details for any special circumstances such as Abnormal Access or if you need a custom crate created by our private carpenter for your shipment.
  • Make sure you have submitted all necessary documents to your relocation specialist. Once NY International Shipping has received all necessary documentation and dimensions for your shipment we will submit an invoice for your international moving services.

The Big Day! (Moving Day)

  • Make sure someone is at your residence to receive our professional international moving crew. You may also wish to help conduct the packing of your household goods, although it is not necessary. Our international movers are pros!
  • Feel free to call NY International Shipping ahead of time on your moving day to make sure our international movers are on schedule. We will notify you of any unforeseen events that may delay our international movers.
  • Take a huge sigh of relief once our international movers have packed your crate and transported it to our warehouse for its final measurement prior to shipment.
  • Take a moment to speak with your family, relieving any fears and discussing the exciting new adventure you are about to embark on in your new overseas residence.
  • Contact NY International Shipping with any questions or concerns you may have at any point on the day of your move or after. We are here to serve our customers and make sure each and every one has a wonderful experience throughout the entire process of their family’s international move.
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