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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: As I was moving overseas with work, I contracted NY INTL shipping to arrange for my international move from New York to Brazil. They were extremely helpful throughout the process and extremely friendly and supportive. [They’re] no fuss kind of people, just working with me to make the move as smooth as possible. They were convenient for me since they were located in Manhattan and I could just drop in and get the boxes, tape, and etc, whenever I needed. I was especially difficult since things kept changing all the time with my move like the time of move, destination, [the length of] time my stuff needed to stay in storage. I ended up moving some of it to one address and the rest stayed in storage and was later moved to another address. Even though, I did not have the right serial number of what I needed to move where, all it took was a call to David explaining which pieces I needed to move and it was done correctly, conveniently, and I did not need to bother to dig up all the paperwork. On moving day, the movers were very courteous, efficient, professional, and the packing was done quickly with no hassle. What I can say? I would work with them again any day and would highly recommend them to anyone. This was not my first moving experience, but I can say it has been the smoothest to date.


Nadia Bishai - Logistics Manager, Bunge Ltd.
New York International Shipping BBB Business Review

Moving Overseas – Greener

How Can I Do My Part to Make a Green Move?

Many clients wonder what they can do to make a green move overseas, but often think it is more complicated or difficult than it really is. If you want to make a green move overseas, all you have to do is attack this problem with an eco-friendly or earth-conscious state of mind—then it’s simple!

Cut Back

Simply start by trying to cut back. Excess is one of the greatest ways in which we waste. The less you have to move, the less fuel and man power it will take to relocate it. Also, be sure to pack carefully to reduce the number of boxes you have to pack and move overseas.

Use Recycled Boxes

Use already-used boxes or boxes made of recycled materials to pack your things in. Try using an online classified site to look for someone who has recently moved and has boxes in good shape.

Get Rid of Clutter

Try having a garage sale or donating excess stuff you won’t be bringing along to get rid of the clutter!

Newspaper, Not Bubblewrap

Don’t go crazy with the bubble wrap when packing your fragile items. Instead of using layer after layer of bubble wrap on everything, try using newspapers instead! Remember to recycle the newspaper after you unpack.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Try using eco-friendly cleaning supplies when cleaning out your old home and before moving into the new one. If you plan to use a cleaning service, trying using one that practices green cleaning methods.

Green International Relocation

When looking for an international relocation company, search for one like NY International Shipping that makes an effort to go green whenever and wherever possible. Although it may be difficult to go green as an international relocation company, it is not impossible! It simply takes research, innovation and dedication to preserving our environment and creating less waste!

Every little bit helps, so do your part while you move overseas!

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