Greener International Relocation Company

Going Green Overseas

NY International Shipping is proud to provide Green international relocation services—a first in the industry! As an eco-friendly, international relocation company we are able to offer innovative services that will make your move not only worry-free, but earth-friendly! We know that any move, especially one overseas, can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Rest at ease! Our new Green mindset helps us to reduce waste in our offices as well as in our packing procedures. You will have so many reasons to feel good about moving overseas using NY International Shipping—we guarantee it!

A Green International Moving Company?

You may wonder how an international moving company can “go green”. When we first decided it was time to do our part and start practicing more eco-friendly habits, we approached this challenge with tremendous energy! Putting a great deal of time into researching what we could do to accomplish this, we were able to come up with some amazingly innovative, effective things that changed everything from the way we file and transfer information to the materials we use to protect your valuable possessions during your international relocation. Our goal is to provide better international relocation services with a green-mindset while maintain competitive rates within the international relocation industry. We are pleased to say we have accomplished this!

Here’s how!

  • All billing is handled electronically
  • We utilize an electronic fax program that allows us to send and view faxes without printing
  • We spent over $45,000 upgrading and implementing new software that will help us reduce paper by up to 60%
  • All in-house estimates are completed using PDA’s
  • All documents are received via email and submitted electronically to customers
  • All overseas documents and documentation is sent to agents via email
  • All quotes sent to agents are received and sent via email. We spent over $10,000 to build a customized program to process
    our quotes and rates, so everything is managed through our company electronically
  • We have placed and utilize recycling bins throughout all of our office
  • We created a new electronic filing system to eradicate the use of paper files
  • The majority of the packing supplies we use, such as the packing boxes, are composed of recycled materials
  • We have supplied recycle bins in our storage facility for used moving materials
  • All inventory is handled and submitted through PDA’s electronically to our database

We are pleased to say that we are continually exploring and researching new possible ways of decreasing our waste output and use of paper while performing international relocation services. Thus far, we have significantly decreased both by making the changes mentioned above. We will continue to make strides to go completely green.

NY Internationally Shipping is excited by the changes we have already made, and looks forward to being able to proudly continue to offer innovative green international relocations services!

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