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London Schools: Where Should American Expats Send Their Children?

There are a multitude of education options for expat kids in the London, so how can you choose which one is right for yours? The opportunity to live and go to school in the U.K. can be a remarkable experience for any child, which will influence the rest of his or her life. The core subjects of the national curriculum will have a different focus than in the United States, and your child will be exposed to new and different topics of study than those his or her previous American classmates. There are three primary options for schooling: government-run state schools, private schools (called “public schools” in the U.K.), and international schools. Of the three, only state schools are tuition-free for all students. ...

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Which Countries Have the Best Education Systems?

Top 10 countries for education around the world One of the primary advantages to moving abroad with school age children is that they are given a unique opportunity to experience a new culture, a new language, and a different way of life There are a number of different options for educating children abroad, including home schooling, public schools, and international schools that follow the same curriculum, language, and calendar across the globe. However, many parents opt to enroll their kids in local schools precisely to immerse them in an authentic environment.  Even if the local language of instruction is not English, local schooling is not prohibitively difficult for children and is, in fact, desirable to the family. According to the ...

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Moving to Canada with Kids: International school vs. public school

When making the move to a new country such as Canada, navigating a new education system can be a daunting prospect full of conflicting advice. Where should you send your children: an international school like other expats, or a local district public school? Or perhaps you might prefer to home school. There are advantages to each and the decision is not always straightforward. The Canadian education system is known for its high standards, and comprises four public school models, private schools, and home schooling. To help you make the best decision for you and your children, we have summarized the main features of each. Overview of Canadian School Systems By law, children in Canada must go to school from the ...

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Fun Facts About Moving to Israel

Israel, “the land of milk and honey”, has been welcoming immigrants for over 100 years. On May 14, 1948 (the 5th of the month of Iyar, 5708) the Israeli government proclaimed that, “The State of Israel will be open for Jewish immigration and for the ‘Ingathering of the Exiles.” Since then, the Israeli government has enforced an active and positive immigration policy that empowers their position as the world’s only Jewish state. As part of that policy, the integration of immigrants into Israel’s community has been a top priority for the State of Israel since the establishment of the state. Those arriving in Israel with the intent to immigrate will find an exceptional level of support from Ministry of Aliyah ...

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Container Shipping to the UK with NYShipping

NY International Shipping has been coordinating container shipping to the UK for years. As a family-owned international moving company with over a decade of experience, NY International Shipping specializes in international relocations, container shipping and more. NY International Shipping is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We offer competitive rates for those interested in container shipping to the UK as well as countless other destinations around the planet. We have many referrals from past customers, including those that used us for container shipping to UK. Our container shipping to UK services are all-inclusive and our rates are competitive. Whether you’re interested in door-to-door services, custom ...

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Container Shipping to India with NYShipping

If you’re planning to move to India it’s important to start thinking about container shipping to India for your goods as well. NY International Shipping specializes in international relocation’s, providing reliable container shipping to India and countless other destinations around the world. Providing competitive rates, NY International Shipping offers an impressive list of overseas moving options when it comes to container shipping. Container Shipping to India NY International Shipping is a family-owned overseas moving company that boasts over a decade of international moving experience. NY International Shipping’s container shipping options are all-inclusive and include services such as door-to-door shipment, custom wooden crates, shipment consolidation, and more. One of the things that make NY International Shipping so successful when it comes to ...

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Container Shipping to Canada with NYShipping

If moving to Canada is in the future for you, you’ll need to find an international moving company to handle container shipping to Canada for you. NY International Shipping is a family-owned overseas moving company that specializes in container shipping to Canada as well as a multitude of other destinations around the globe. If this is your first time moving internationally, you may feel overwhelmed and underprepared. NY International Shipping has the experience and knowledge to smoothly guide you through the entire container shipping process. While Canada may seem nearby, shipping to Canada still requires special international documents for customs. If you have any questions or would like to receive a quote, contact NY International Shipping today. Things to Know ...

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Container Shipping to Australia with NYShipping

If you’re thinking about moving to Australia, you’re also going to need to think about finding someone that specializes in container shipping to Australia as well. NY International Shipping is ready and willing to assist you through every step of coordinating and executing your container shipping to Australia. We understand that planning container shipping to Australia can be overwhelming, which is why we have provided this helpful overview on the Pros and Cons of container shipping to Australia with NY International Shipping. Container Shipping to Australia As a family-owned international moving business, NY International Shipping has over a decade of experience handling overseas moving plans such as container shipping to Australia. Our container shipping to Australia options are all-inclusive, making ...

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