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Dear David: Everything went well with the moving. I have already received everything. The moving staff was great. They were very nice and did their job on time and precisely. Thank you for everything. In case you need any help in Brazil, please let me know. Best Regards,


Dr. Ann Hurowitz
New York International Shipping BBB Business Review

London International Removals with NY International Shipping

NY International Shipping specializes in overseas moves from and to all destinations, including London! Dedicated to providing customers facing overseas moves to London with the guidance they need, we will navigate you through your international relocation from beginning to end. Our customers can rest at ease knowing that they are receiving the most attentive, personalized care and advice possible from their London international removals company.

NY International Shipping views itself as more than just an ordinary overseas moving company. We strive to educate you in the international removals process so that you know what to expect and hopefully feel less anxious along the way. Our logistics team, who is well-versed in coordinating international relocations to London, will provide you with practical information—ranging from the documents needed during your move overseas to London to the best international removals method to keep you on schedule.

No two international removals customers are the same, which is why we tailor our London relocation plans to suit each individual customer’s needs, schedule, and budget. You will have access to your own overseas moving logistics coordinator so that you can ask any questions you have during your overseas move. This way you know you’ll have a point of contact throughout the entire process.

London Overseas Movers – Packing Services

NY International Shipping knows that successfully moving overseas to London requires extremely careful, specialized packing techniques. This is why our teams of highly trained overseas moving professionals are well-versed in packing and loading your goods to ensure they reach your new home in the same condition in which they are packed. You can choose to either utilize their services or pack your own goods as you see fit.

Many International Removal Services to Choose From

NY International Shipping offers a wealth of services for those undergoing overseas moves to London as well as international relocations around the globe. Customers can choose from services such as door-to-door, door-to-port, consolidation, etc. Contact NY International Shipping to discuss the best options for your move overseas.

London Relocations & London Storage

Though you may be relocating to London now, you may wish to store your goods for a number of different reasons during your international relocation. NY International Shipping can easily coordinate the storage of your goods during your overseas move to London, as well as during relocations to other destinations, in our state-of-the-art, private storage facility. You can determine how long your goods stay in storage and when you wish to have them delivered at your new home in London.

Global Network of International Removals Agents

NY International Shipping has spent over a decade developing a network of global overseas moving agents that are as exceptional as the rest of the staff at NY International Shipping. Your entire experience will be first-class every step of the way.

If you have any questions regarding London relocations or if you’d like to receive an overseas moving quote, contact NY International Shipping for more information.

Quality Affordable International Shipping

While it’s important to find a quality overseas moving company, it is also important to find affordable international shipping that meets your shipping budget. NY International Shipping has been around long enough to know that you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to find the best and most economical overseas shipping rates and services.

Determining Your International Shipping Budget

To figure out exactly what you need to look for in terms of affordable international shipping rates, it’s probably best to begin by determining your overseas shipping budget. Your overseas moving budget will help you determine which international shipping companies to consider. There are many factors that can influence overseas moving rates, so NY International Shipping has created a brief list of some of the most important ones:

  • The total weight or volume of the goods you’ll be shipping overseas
  • The country you are moving to may influence your overseas shipping rates as some countries are more expensive to send to due to different factors. It’s important to find affordable international shipping companies that specialize in transporting goods overseas so that they ship your goods efficiently and successfully. Some of the factors that influence cost based on the countries you are shipping from and to include:
  • How easy it is to ship to your destination country
  • How frequently shipments go there
  • How much total volume the company ships on average to your destination country. More shipments mean more consolidations, which can translate to better and more frequent shipments in general
  • Moving dates. All overseas movers have peak periods.
  • The ease with which international shipping companies can access your current home.
  • Your overseas packing and unpacking requirements

Again, you should expect to pay higher rates during peak international shipping times, even with affordable international shipping companies. The international shipping industry is typically the busiest during:

  • Summer (October and April tend to be the best in terms of economical shipping)
  • Holidays
  • End of each month
  • Weekends

While planning your international shipping budget, remember to factor in:

  • Hotel room(s)
  • Car rental
  • Utilities fees for shutting off existing and starting new services
  • Tip (even affordable movers deserve a reasonable tip)

Tips for Achieving Affordable International Shipping

Here are some of the most effective tips NY International Shipping has to assist you in making your overseas move more affordable:

  1. Pack yourself – Assuming you don’t have anything that requires specialty packing, consider packing your goods yourself for your international relocation.
  2. Save on moving supplies – Reduce the overall costs of your shipping supplies by doing the following
  • Ask friends that have recently moved overseas what they used so that you don’t over-purchase or under-purchase shipping supplies
  • Use recycled newspaper or bubble wrap to cushion inexpensive items
  • Use worn out blankets and sheets to pad inexpensive goods rather than purchasing moving blankets.
  1. Remain flexible – The more flexible you are about when you move and how you go about doing it, the more likely you are to achieve affordable shipping overseas. Avoid peak times of year to move, such as those mentioned above.
  2. Reduce your volume – Make a list of everything you have and notate things you don’t really need to take. Throw away or donate items you no longer use or want prior to moving to reduce the volume of your shipment. This will enable you to achieve more affordable international shipping rates. After all, it is better to ship less and have the ability to choose a more established, specialized overseas moving company than to revert to choosing an overseas moving company of lesser quality.
  3. Negotiate – Try to negotiate the total cost of your overseas move or ask the international moving company you plan to use if they have any coupons or promotions you could take advantage of.
  4. Choose economical overseas moving services – Though door-to-door moving service is typically the most common moving service as it all-inclusive—packing, shipping, materials, etc.—you may want to consider checking to see if there is a local warehouse near your home where you could drop your already-packed shipment off. Or you could consider warehouse delivery or curbside delivery. In terms of warehouse delivery, you will have to pick your shipment up yourself rather than having it delivered to your door. Curbside delivery means that you’ll need to unload your shipment from the curbside near your new home. If neither of these options may seem appealing or feasible to you, you can always consider packing things yourself instead of having them packed for you. Perhaps then you may find door pick up more affordable.

If you have questions regarding affordable international shipping or if you’d like to discuss economical overseas relocation options, contact NY International Shipping for more information.

Ocean Container Shipping with NY International Shipping

Moving overseas can be a daunting thing to undertake, especially because it requires relocating all of your household goods overseas. Though this can be a stressful situation, choosing to use ocean container shipping through a knowledgeable international moving company such as NY International Shipping can make even the most extensive overseas move seem like a breeze. An experienced international ocean container shipping company will know the ins and outs of procedures and documentation required to transfer your goods from your current situation to your new situation without a hitch.

NY International Shipping recognizes that the safety of your goods during ocean container shipping is of the utmost importance, which is why we are dedicated to walking you through the entire process from beginning to end. We will help you prepare your goods for ocean container shipping so that you know what to expect every step of the way. By making you familiar with the ocean container shipping process, NY International Shipping hopes to set your mind at ease knowing that your goods are in capable, professional hands. Contact NY International Shipping if you have any questions regarding ocean container shipping.

Benefits of Ocean Container Shipping with NY International Shipping

  1. While there are many benefits to using a seasons ocean container shipping specialist, such as NY International Shipping, we feel these are some of the most notable:
  2. NY International Shipping specializing in ocean container. We are more than capable of handling ocean container shipping circumstances small and large.
  3. Our ocean container shipping services are available across the globe to customers moving to and from almost any country.
  4. Our ocean container shipping logistics team specializes in handling the shipment of your goods through whatever delivery method you choose—door to door, door to port, etc.
  5. NY International Shipping’s ocean container shipping prices are competitive, yet our services are exceptional.
  6. Our ocean container shipping and international moving services are efficient and orchestrated by industry professionals well-versed in international relocation.

Regardless of the types of goods you plan to ship—from household goods to priceless pieces of art—NY International Shipping will ensure that your goods are delivered on time and in the same condition in which you trusted them to us. As a family-owned ocean container shipping and international relocation company, NY International Shipping has over a decade of experience specializing in overseas moves of varying distances and complexities. We take the time to educate our professionals in the most current information in ocean container shipping and international relocation. NY International Shipping will ensure that your ocean container shipping plan suits your needs, budgets, and schedule. Allow us to guide you smoothly through your international move. You will be impressed and appreciate the level of personalization we strive to delivery to every one of our customers.

If you still have unanswered questions regarding ocean container shipping or if you wish to receive a FREE ocean container shipping quote, contact NY International Shipping for more information.

International Container Shipping with NY International Shipping

NY International shipping tailors your international container shipping plan to suit you and your family’s requirements, schedule, and budget. NY International Shipping takes pride in our impressive attention to detail and personalized customer service, making every international container shipping experience a fantastic one.

See the Difference with NY International Shipping

NY International shipping offers a broad variety of international container shipping services from which you can choose. As a reliable NVOCC licensed by the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission), NY International Shipping offers reliable international moving services to relocate your goods overseas safely and in a timely fashion. As a licensed NVOCC, NY International Shipping will coordinate the logistics of your international container shipping, guaranteeing accurate rates, excellent service, and updated information on your shipment.

If your shipment includes a small volume of household goods, you will not have to worry about being charged for additional space for your international container shipping. You’ll be pleased to know that NY International Shipping performs effective consolidations from across the US as well as around the globe. No matter where you are moving to or where you are moving from, NY International Shipping’s professionally trained crew of international container shipping specialists will carefully pack your goods and combine your shipment during our continual consolidations. Every small international container shipment is separately crated and properly labeled to guarantee that your shipment is not misplaced or mistaken for someone else’s. NY International Shipping only bills clients for the volume used for his or her international container shipping, rather than billing each client for the entire container used.

For clients that require an entire container during their international container shipping, NY International Shipping is happy to provide him or her with an exclusive container. Clients that choose to use NY International Shipping’s international container shipping services can choose whether they wish to have our professional international container shipping movers pack their household goods for them or if they wish to pack their goods themselves. As soon as packing has been completed for your international container shipping, NY International Shipping will pick up your container and see it through the international container shipping process from beginning to end. Contact NY International Shipping if you have any questions regarding international container shipping.

International Container Shipping Services

As we mentioned above, NY International Shipping offers a wide variety of international container shipping services from which you can choose based on your specific international container shipping needs, budget, and schedule.

The most commonly used international container shipping service, door-to-door international container shipping, is a full-service option that is preferred by many of our clients. For door-to-door international container shipping services, NY International Shipping will dispatch a crew of professional international container shipping movers to your residence. Our international movers will pack all of your goods into the shipping container or transport them to our warehouse for storage. Then your shipment will be transported to the port of departure where it will go through customs and ship out to its destination. Once your shipment has arrived and cleared customs, NY International Shipping will deliver your international container shipment to your new residence. A crew of our international movers will unpack your shipment and remove any packing materials.

NY International Shipping offers the following additional international container shipping services:

  • Port-to-Port
  • Port-to-Door
  • Door-to-Port
  • Live Loads
  • Drop and Pick

When it comes to international container shipping, NY International Shipping offers first-class service from beginning to end. Contact us today to discuss your international container shipping needs or to request a free quote

Car Shipping with NY International Shipping

NY International Shipping is a family-owned business with over a decade of experiencing coordinating international moves and car shipping from and to destinations across the globe. Whether you’re shipping a car, large van or antique car, you can rest at ease knowing that NY International Shipping is one of the few car shipping companies that puts its customers first! We understand that shipping a car may seem like a stressful task, but as long as you work with an international moving company that is experienced in car shipping, like NY International Shipping, you will have nothing to worry about. If you have questions about shipping a car or car shipping companies in general, contact NY International Shipping.

Here are the car shipping services we currently offer:

  • Global export and import
  • Containerized shipping in an exclusive 20ft or 40ft container
  • Car shipping in our own 40ft car consolidation containers
  • Port-to-Port car shipping with varying shipment methods
  • Roll-on, Roll-off (RO-RO) car shipping
  • Extra options such as insurance coverage for while you’re shipping a car

RO-RO Car Shipping

Car shipping companies, such as NY International Shipping, that offer Roll-on, Roll-off car shipping can handle shipping a car from and to many destinations. Car carriers specifically used by car shipping companies are experienced in shipping cars safely overseas around the globe. Through this method of shipping a car, cars are protected from the elements in sealed car decks, remaining secured to the deck. RO-RO car shipping is an abbreviation for the term Roll-on, Roll-off in which car shipping companies drive cargo on and then off the vessel.

Is RO-RO Car Shipping Right For You?

RO-RO is a great way to handle shipping a car through car shipping companies if you find yourself needing to ship large vehicles, boats, etc. RO-RO car shipping offers customers a great deal of flexibility during international relocations. NY International Shipping, being one of the leading Car shipping companies, offers RO-RO to customers as a more budget-friendly option than shipping cars in an exclusive container.

Shipping a Car in an Exclusive Container

For added protection you may go about shipping a car in an exclusive container. NY International Shipping, like many other car shipping companies, offers exclusive containers for shipping a car overseas. Most car shipping companies, like NY International Shipping, can either pick up your vehicle from your current residence or you can bring it to our warehouse or the nearest warehouse to your residence yourself. While choosing to ship a car in an exclusive container can be a bit more expensive than other options, you can always choose to share a container, which is a more cost-effective option.

How Do Car Shipping Companies Determine Shipping Costs?

NY International Shipping normally calculates rates for shipping a car based on the size of your vehicle. Your vehicle will be categorized as small, medium, or large by car shipping companies that are shipping a car for you.

What is the Process for Shipping a Car?

  1. Clients can either drop off cars for car shipping with the necessary documents at our warehouse or we can pick up your vehicle at its current location.
  2. Our professional car shipping crew will load your automobile or automobiles into a container meant for shipping a car where it will be secured for shipping.
  3. Next, car shipping companies will generally transport the container holding your vehicle to its port of departure, navigate it through customs, and then load it onto its vessel for shipping.
  4. Once your automobile has gotten to its destination, NY International Shipping will take your vehicle off of the vessel, see it through customs, and deliver it to your new home or meet you for the pick up.

Car shipping companies should let you know ahead of time what documents you must have and requirements you must meet in order for them to be able to transport your vehicle. They include:

  • Copy of passport or passports
  • Original car title void of liens
  • Less than ¼ tan of gas in the vehicle
  • No additional items inside your automobile other than what ordinarily comes with it.

It is very important that you choose car shipping companies that specialize and have experience in car shipping to avoid unnecessary damage and delays. If you’d like to schedule shipping a car or you have further questions about car shipping companies, contact NY International Shipping for more information.

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